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Established in 1985, Halpern Import Company, Inc., is a leading business to business supplier to the Convenience Store, Distribution Trade, Grocery Store, and General Merchandise Industries. Our main product lines, Lighters, Work Gloves, Coffee Mugs/Travel Mugs, Beverage Holders,and Flashlights are varied and all encompassing. We are constantly striving to bring new, in demand products to the marketplace. Contact us today to learn how we can present a profitable merchandising and sales program to your organization.

Uranium 140LED Bonz Camo Uranium 120LED Uranium 500LED
Uranium 120LED Flashlight Display Uranium 500LED Display
Coffee Mugs w/Your Logo 24oz. Camo Tumbler Display Assorted Camo Mason Jars
Coffee Mug Display
24oz Camo Tumbler Floor Display 24oz Camo Mason Jar Floor Display 3Tier Carousel 3Tier Carousel 3Tier Texas Carousel
Duck Dynasty Can Coolers Clip Strip Duck Dynasty Bottle Coolers Clip Strip Hunting Ca bn Coolers Clip Strip

USA Can Coolers

USA Bottle Coolers Texas Can Coolers
Duck Dynasty Beverage Holders Duck Dynasty Bottle Coolers Hunting Can Coolers Clip Strip USA Can Coolers USA Bottle Coolers Texas Can Cooler Clip Strip


Clipper Brio Assorted Stylo Electronic Clipper Micro Strike 'N Lite Display
Clipper Brio Clipper Stylo Clipper Micro Strike 'N Lite
3-Tier Assorted 2-Tier Homie Zombies 2-Tier Trailer Trash Zombies  
3-Tier Assorted Display 2-Tier Homie Zombies 2-Tier Trailer Park Zombies  

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